Who we are

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The Sapal sees his debut in 1980 as support for manufacturers of sanitary ceramic district of Civita Castellana. Following the company has gradually established itself as a dynamic, technologically advanced, highly geared to changes in the healthcare market. Effect linked to the transformation of the bathroom that, for the past several years has changed from simple functional compartment in a place with the most refined design. In 2003 Sapal began molding of thermoset products toilet seats with antibacterial urea formaldehyde, a material derived from cellulose by pure, antiseptic and therefore unassailable by common pathogens. The production of this new line, excellent quality both from a purely aesthetic point of view because designed with soft shapes proposals in a wide range of colors for both the functional aspect, treated with the utmost care in order to improve ease of installation, shelf life, slow-down hinges, reinforced shockproof packing up, brought Sapal to be known and appreciated in Italy and abroad. The constant attention to trends enabled the Sapal to always be in step with the times and anticipate their needs, the constant search for solutions not only creative but also in tune with the real needs of customers, have made this a ‘ company able to provide
not only technically innovative solutions like the “soft-close” but also effective assistance dedicated and ready to solve any type of customer needs.